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Pontoon Boat Underwater Lighting

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Underwater LED Lighting

Underwater lighting is typically seen on large boats, which carries a very high price tag. Our underwater light selection provides a cost-effective solution that is easy-to-install and gives reflective lighting to the wake behind the boat.

These are surface-mounted LED underwater lights. Stainless steel housings protect a fully-sealed light unit. Utilize the accessory tabs on the rear of the pontoon. If you do not have two accessory tabs, lights may be mounted to the sides of the motor mount housing.

Kits include two surface mount lights, stainless steel mounting hardware, and sealed 7m power cables with lugs to mount to a fused accessory switch on the helm. This kit requires drilling of holes to mount to the accessory tab, running of cable to helm area, and connection to an accessory switch. Instructions are included.

Note: RGB Underdeck kits on this site may be ordered with integrated 30-watt Underwater lights. see Underdeck Light Kits.

All New Kits for 2019

We have a new supplier that provides the highest quality and brightest underwater lights we have seen. These are very bright, super high-output, and heavy stainless construction that are available in 30 watts, 45 watts, and 60 watts versions. Our standard stock for the Blue are the 45 watt lights. For the RGB we stock the 30 watt RGB as an option with our Underdeck RGB Light Kit and we stock 60 watt RGB for stand alone  underwater light applications. All other Underwater lights configurations may be ordered (30 day lead time).

NOTE: Pontoon Expressions provides all underwater lights with 6m (20'+) length of cabling, appropriate fuse, and a cable junction box and power cable with spade connectors for connection of 12vdc from an accessory switch.

45-Watt Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Underwater Light 

Available in Blue (Super High Output)

                • Note Your Mounting Area
                • 5.5″ Is the Total Length
                • Aluminum extension may be required
Underwater 45watt
45 watt diag

45 Watt BLUE Underwater Light (Pair)

Super Bright Underwater light in heavy Stainless milled housing. Sold in pairs. 

Includes cabling to each light that is brought into the helm area and hooked to an AUX switch on the helm. 

45 Watt BLUE Underwater Light (Pair)
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60-Watt Super Bright Underwater Lights - RGB 

Heavy-Duty and Blinding Bright (Super High Output)

  • Mounts on Accessory Pontoon Tabs
  • Comes pre-wired to attach to controller
  • Controller with Amplifier mount under Helm and attach to an AUX Switch on helm
  • Stainless Hardware and Brackets Included, brackets are not Required for Mounting

Limited stock. 

60-Watt Super Bright Underwater Lights - RGB with Controller (432 watts)

This kit includes a pair of very high quality RGB Underwater lights, an RGB controller with additional amplifier (432 watts output).

18g RGB cabling from Underwater lights to controller.

Includes RF Remote controller in waterproof bag.

60 Watt RGB Underwater Kit (Pair w/controller)
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