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Smart Battery Box

This product is intended for the Boat Dealer who is displaying boats on their showroom floor or at the Boat shows. Common problem is having the battery go dead while running lighting, radio, displays, etc during demonstration time. Eliminate swapping batteries or hooking up noisy battery chargers.  Connect up a  "Smart Box" Battery eliminator.   Plug it into an AC outlet and you have a full 40 or 50 amp 12vdc power source. Fits where the battery goes, easily hook up your power leads to the helm, Radio, amplifier and more. Also has a USB charging port for a phone and a 12vdc cigar lighter output. Consistent power so you can leave the options on while demonstrating the boat.  Use it at the boat shows, on your sales floor or in the shop when power is needed.

Smart Battery Box

                40 Amp Smart Battery Replacement Box

Smart Box 4 40 Amp

              50 Amp Smart Battery Replacement Box