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Pontoon Boat LED Whip Flags

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LED Whips 

(NEW for 2021) 

Here is Pontoon Expressions’ latest lighting product for your pontoon, power, fishing boat or golf cart.

Multicolor, Chasing, Dancing, LED Whips in 3′ and 4′ Lengths 

  • LEDs Wrapped on Pole for Incredible Lighting Effects (300+ modes)
  • Use With or Without US Flag
  • Comes in standard 3′ length  with RF Remote
  • 4′ Lengths optional 
  • For Applications Where Two LED Whips Are Used Together, They May Be Synced Together for Control From One Remote
  • Quick Disconnect Connector for Easy Removal
Includes Standard US Flag Mounting Kit (3′ Version) and “L” Mounting Bracket
  • Additional Mounting Options Available
  • Higher Quality Taylor Made Flag (16x24) may be used (Optional)
  • 12 vdc Power

Contact Pontoon Expressions now for other mounting options.

Boat Mounting Options

There are several mounting options for the LED Flag kits.

- Modified PERCO Light Base for Power Boat

- Round rail Mount  adapters 7/8" or 1 1/4"

- Flush Deck Mount with backing plate

- Round Flush Deck mount


LED Whip Flag

The LED Whips can be mounted anywhere, we sell them mostly for use on a Boat. 

However it can mount outside your house or Business to add a "Bright" attraction. 

Quick Disconnect base and waterproof whip.  

Available with RF Remote.  

Two whips may be synced together using one RF remote. 

Mounting accessory Clamps

Mounts to Whip base and Top.

Holds Whip securely to structure.

Perfect way to draw attention to your business.

3' or 4' LED Flag Kit

Includes standard "L" mounting bracket

Taylor-Made US sewn Flag with Pole Mounting Hardware

High quality Taylor-made Flag. Best size for 3" Whip

Mounting Accessory Rectangular Flush Deck Mount with backing Plate

Mounts on flat surface. Stainless hardware

Mounting Accessory

Round Flush Deck mount

Mounts on Flat Surface - Stainless hardware

Mounting Accessory (Power Boat)

PERCO Light Base Mount (Angled)

May require hole to be cut. Stainless hardware.

Mounting Accessory

Round Rail Base or Square Rail Base

Need to specify Rail, Round or Square, 7/8" or 1.25".

Please contact Pontoon Expressions for specifics.