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RGB LED Flag Kit

NEW 36" Mooring Light, Flag

White and RGB LEDs

Mooring Light, Bright White LEDs on Top (USCG Approved 2-Mile range)

When navigation lights are turned on, White Light comes on and stays on.

RGB Lights are controlled from built-in multi-function Controller

Fits in standard navigation light holders from: Attwood, Shoreline, others

Specify holder when ordering for proper Collar mount.

Available in 3' and 4' lengths.

Taylor Made US Flag and clips optional 

White/RGB LED Flag Kit

Bright White Navigation light on top. USCG Approved. White light on when Navigation lights are on. Balance of tube RGB LED lighting. Three angled strips for 360 degree viewing. Built in RGB controller with push button for on/off changing functions. Taylor-Made 12'x18" Flag Option with  Taylor-Made Flag clips.

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36" Navagation Tube light.
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48" Navagation Tube light.
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12" x 18" Taylor Made US Flag with Clips
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