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Interior upgrades

If your Pontoon Boat did not come with the interior LED Upgrades, it is easy enough to add.  LED Light rings on Speakers, LED Cup holders, LED accent lighting even a dimmer switch. Each Pontoon has a different configuration. Let Pontoon Expressions assemble a kit specific to your  Pontoon boat. Contact use with your requirements:    # Cup Holders (Cut-out size)

# Speakers (6.5" only)

Other interior LED needs


Boats today typically come with either BLUE  LED cup holders and Speaker Grills.  Some of the high end packages include RGB lighting.

We offer the BLUE, also offer GREEN and AMBER .  We do not currently offer the RGB for Interior components. Simple reason, wiring.    RGB requires you to run 4-conductor wiring to all locations. The BLUEGREEN and AMBER only require 2- conductor wiring, much easier to install.

AMBER LED Interior Upgrade (Example)

BLUE  3.5" Plastic Cupholders

Lease expensive  upgrade. Fits 3.5" cutout 

BLUE 6.5" LED Speaker Rings

Fits 6.5" Marine Speakers.  

GREEN 3.5" Plastic Cupholders

Easy Upgrade. Fits 3.5" cutout

GREEN 6.5" LED Speaker Rings

Fits 6.5" Marine Speakers

BLUE 4" Cupholder with Chrome Rim

High-end Cup Holder for 4" cutour

AMBER 4" Cupholder with Chrome Rim

High-end Cup Holder for 4" cutout.  Our favorite, the Bugs do not like the AMBER color.

LED Dimmer w/ Remote (72 watt max)

Add a dimmer to your interior configuration to set the mood. Several versions available.

Brushed Aluminum Cup Holder 4" cutout

This can be the right choice for many Interior upgrades.  Looks great and  last forever.  You can add LED Cupholder rings under the lid for added light.