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Play Music With Bluetooth Audio

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Bluetooth Audio Option 

Playing music from your MP3 player, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet is now a standard part of our daily lives. Most new cars have a Bluetooth connection and it is now becoming standard or an option on many new  Pontoon boats.

Now, you can easily add the Bluetooth capability to any boat (or car) radio that has either a mini connector audio input or two RCA Jack audio input connectors. Most radios installed in boats in the last 10 years have one of these options.

Pontoon Expressions’ Bluetooth module has more than 30 feet of range. Control your music directly from your phone or tablet. The Bluetooth adapter kit comes pre-wired to connect to an accessory switch on the console or a separate 12vdc source. 

Adaptor mounts inside the console (helm) behind the radio and is out of view. 

  • Works With A2DP Stereo
    Bluetooth Devices
  • Wirelessly Connects via Bluetooth v 2.0
  • 12vdc to 5vdc Converter

The Bluetooth audio module will synchronize and remember up to six different Bluetooth sources, so once you find it on your device and connect, it will find you the next time you get on the boat. Bluetooth is a secure connection and will connect to only one audio source at a time.

This is a legacy product and still available for any 12vdc application.. Most current Boat Radios have this capability.

Bluetooth Audio Adaptor (12 vdc)